What is Self-Care Like A Boss?

SCLAB for short is the dream and brain child of author Shannon Barber. The idea to document and actively work on self-care for survival came about after a bout of severe depression that occurred at a time when they had no support system in place and no idea how to survive the depression, poverty and... Continue Reading →

[image description: a field of black with all caps text that reads: Soon y’all, more self-care! Practical Inclusive For you! Read more below]Oh, hi there.So it is coming, y’all.Before we get this here doohickey restarted I need to tell y’all some things.First up-Rules.Yes, we have rules here.1.) Our self-care and how we talk about it... Continue Reading →

Inner Boss Bitch Voice

Understanding our relationships with our bodies and selves can be rough. When I feel like I just don’t give a shit because I’m gross I get tough with myself. Call it my inner Boss Bitch Voice. I look at myself and say, Okay, damn it, get your shit together. Drink your water. GO GO GO... Continue Reading →

Further Advice on Eating

Use store cards. Get your freebies, club points. Save that money because the two dollars you save on groceries today can go towards groceries next week.If you are like me and don’t drive, then here is another time to go to the store with a friend. You and your friend can split the cost of a... Continue Reading →

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