What Even Is SCLAB?

What the shit are you even saying? I want to take a break from instructional stuff today to talk about my self-care philosophy. Let's cover the basics real quick like: Taking care of yourself as best you are able to. Doing things that will improve the quality of your lived life. These things can include: paying bills,... Continue Reading →


For Marginalized Folks especially

Hey, hey you. Marginalized folks especially those of us who deal with a barrage of bullshit daily, we need to talk about some things. I feel like this is especially important for those of us who are involved in any flavors of social justice, dealing with sexism or transmisogyny because you exist it is especially important to have an exit strategy... Continue Reading →

Basic Skin Care for fun!

Things have been a little bit too serious up in here so let's talk about something I LOVE and is part of the backbone of my self-care. This is post #1 and we're going to cover mainly the absolute basics to get started. Let's talk skin care. DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUUUUN. Okay first groundrules. 1.) Skin care is... Continue Reading →

List it up! Strategies for folks who need more.

Sometimes self-care is just making it through the day. For context, for the last few weeks my health hasn't been the greatest. Days long cluster headache attack, anxiety, and some immune system screwing around stuff has left me pretty depleted, miserable and feeling like poop. Today I'm talking mainly to my chronically ill friends, my... Continue Reading →

What is Self-Care Like A Boss?

SCLAB for short is the dream and brain child of author Shannon Barber. The idea to document and actively work on self-care for survival came about after a bout of severe depression that occurred at a time when they had no support system in place and no idea how to survive the depression, poverty and... Continue Reading →

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