What Even Is SCLAB?

What the shit are you even saying?

I want to take a break from instructional stuff today to talk about my self-care philosophy.

Let’s cover the basics real quick like:

  • Taking care of yourself as best you are able to.
  • Doing things that will improve the quality of your lived life.
  • These things can include: paying bills, learning to budget, taking care of your skin, unlearning your biases, dealing with being called out, knowing how to apologize when you fuck up and other stuff.
  • Don’t treat yoself calm down.
  • Learning how to teamwork life improvements.
  • Feeling well taken care of so you can in turn take care of others/be a helpful part of your community.
  • Navigating the world in the body you have and learning to have a relationship with it.
  • Radicalize your life by not just surviving.
  • Want to be an SJW Mage? We’ll learn how to learn about that AND take care of ourselves.

Self-care in these parts has a lot of facets and impacts our entire lives. Self-care as I talk about it is intersectional. I fully believe in the transformative power of intersectional self-care.

So what does that mean for you?

For you here’s what I ask of you. When you’re in this space, please be aware that I am a Level 100 Social Justice Mage and everything I talk about in terms of self-care is gonna be flavored with that. That means, that I will do my absolute best to be as inclusive as I possibly can and that, might make some of y’all uncomfortable.

I am purposefully and explicitly welcoming of, and center marginalized people in my work. That means that in reading this work, be aware that you personally might not be centered but, that does not mean you can’t come along for the ride. I also encourage you (you who whatever advice doesn’t pertain to specifically) to hold onto the info for reference. I mean, coming up I’m going to be talking about stuff like dealing with periods when you may not have access to privacy, I bet you know somebody who has periods so that’ll be info you can share.

I very specifically will not respond to or entertain anything that even vaguely smells like transphobia, homophobia, racism, classism etc. Nah. We are not doing that here except in the context of dealing with those things and later on tools for unlearning them. Otherwise? Nope.

There is so much other bullshit in the world that makes us feel terrible, makes our days harder and overall does not  contribute to our well-being, I don’t want this space to be infected by that.

The rules here are very simple.

  1. Don’t be an asshole. Not one of us is the One True Knower of Things and that is okay. Just don’t be a jerk.
  2. Please don’t crown me as responsible for speaking to or for ALL experiences and permutations of human life. I can’t do that. I’m one human with some stuff to share.
  3. There is no One True Way to utilize self-care or talk about it. What I’m doing is one way, maybe you like a different way and that’s okay too. Not everything is for everyone and that is pretty great.
  4. Please don’t use my recommendations to abuse yourself. If you are unable to do something, or don’t understand it etc, please don’t feel bad. We’re all human, some of us can do a lot of stuff some of us can’t. It’s fine.

That is pretty much all. The big one is number one. Don’t be an asshole to yourself or to other folks.

Before I go I do want to mention a few other things.

Some of the things I talk about when I talk about self-care, there are always a few people who turn up their noses because GOSH that’s just common sense.

Let me tell y’all a story about me.

When I was a young adult potato, I moved into what was at the time the nicest place I’d had my name on the lease. I felt very fancy and very adult.

Of the many small disasters that happened, the one that sent me into a wailing tornado of panic was completely stopping up my toilet. It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t just a lil backed up- y’all there was poo water on my brand new bathroom rug.

To say I freaked out would be an understatement. I lost my entire shit and was walking around my apartment like, “well fuck I guess I gotta move now.” “I’m gonna get evicted for breaking the toilet.” “Why am I so stupid I should…” Y’all get the drift. My meltdown was fueled by panic, then shame because I didn’t know what to do, then more panic, more shame, until I was a snotty faced mess laying on the floor in my living room crying my eyes out.

Now, I look back and say, “poor silly little potato it was just some poop. All I needed was a little bit of time, a plunger, very hot water and patience.

That said, looking back I can say, UGH it is COMMON FRIGGIN SENSE TO KNOW WHAT TO DO! But is it? Nobody had ever shown me how to unclog a wrecked toilet.

The point of that story is this. I don’t believe that folks should just know stuff. Sometimes, someone has to tell you stuff and sometimes you gotta write it down or ask someone about it for the millionth time-how we get the info isn’t as important that we get the info.

Learning is fucking awesome. Learning stuff that might give us a better day to day quality of life? MORE AWESOME!

That’s why I’m still doing this work and why I’m hard at work behind the scenes to create something bigger and better.

So there you have it y’all.

Come back next time we’ll get into some quick and dirty financial how tos.


4 thoughts on “What Even Is SCLAB?

  1. Wrt your point about not every body knows some things, I’ve been looking for basic adulting books that are not gender-specific in nature for my grandkids and nothing meets my criteria judging by reviews. Poorcraft (https://www.amazon.com/Poorcraft-Funnybook-Fundamentals-Living-Well/dp/0979408059) addresses finances and aspects related to that such as grocery shopping and cooking on a budget. But I don’t see anything out there that drills down to basics that young adults might not know. I’m delighted that you will be including this in SCLAB!


      • And there are also people who were forced to leave home early for whatever reason and never finished getting even the same level of basic knowledge others got–or their home was so dysfunctional that they couldn’t learn much by example.

        Thank you again for all that you do!


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